“One of the most important things for me is promoting others.” – Integrity

This is not a page that just anyone will be promoted. 

This page will be used to promote those of which that DJ Integrity personally knows, trusts, and share similar values.

I.D. Crew – Is a group that Integrity is a part of as their DJ and one of the choreographers for the group. This crew uses all sorts of artistic outlets to reach all who they present to. Some of their gifts that they use as a medium to engage their audiences are Bboying (breakdancing), DJing, spoken word, dramas, and much much more! Go check them out and see more of what they are all about!

Grand Rapids Dream Center – A majority of DJ Integrity’s work is located in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan (though he is located in STL). There is so much to say about this organization, however, it would be easier if you just visit their site and find out about all the great things happening there!

Jeffrey Woodson  – Without this young man, Integrity would have never started dancing the way he does. Jeffrey and Integrity’s friendship dates back to the winter of 2000. They were the best man in each of their weddings and continue to be life time friends. Jeffrey will blow you away with his hard work and dedication to do everything in excellence and you will have a blast as he serves you. Need we say more? An amazing drummer and a beast behind the camera. Click his name to find out more.

Oxen Apparel – This apparel company is not only a brand that DJ Integrity can stand behind and support, but also is a brand that he gets to serve along side with. Check out their fresh gear and keep up with via all social media outlets. Visit their site to see how you can get some great gear and stay connected.

BElite Academy – This dance studio isn’t just training their dancers for recitals or competitions, but more so preparing their dancers for the real world and the real industry. Investing time, energy, and knowledge into anyone who steps through their doors.