Why Integrity

Photo cred: Justin Edmonds
Photo cred: Justin Edmonds

Integrity has had seventeen plus years of performing in front of all ages, group size, and different up bringing. He has also had some exposure performing internationally with more opportunities to do even more international performances.

“My desire is to give everyone a live DJ experience, not be a living Spotify playlist.” – Integrity 

Starting back in the winter of 2000, DJ Integrity began learning about the art of Bboying (breakdancing). He’s always had a passion for all genres of music. Taking the joy of listening to various genres of music, Integrity now enjoys exposing his audiences to all different genres of music as well.

DJ Integrity has a motto that he goes by, which is also his slogan, “Music meant for more.” He has been disappointed by different stories he has heard of so-called “DJs” showing up to an event and playing songs from start to finish with no energy, no personality, and not even personalizing the music per event.

“Being an open format DJ, playing all styles of music, allows me to cater to much broader audiences. All different generations and upbringing.” – Integrity

“Music Meant for More” directly reflects the thoughts and passions of DJ Integrity. In one aspect, it means that music is meant for more than just playing from start to finish. Anyone can plug in their computer, digital music player, or smart phone and play what they want to hear. However, that is not what Integrity wants to be. His desire of becoming a DJ wasn’t just so that he can play music just for the sake of playing music. Instead, his desire is to give an experience that the general public may never experience otherwise.

Anyone who is looking to book DJ Integrity can be assured that all music will be edited to the truest form of what editing should be. The songs played will not only not have any curse words in it, but also the music content will be clean as well.  As much as DJing is about keeping the party moving, Integrity also wants to serve his audiences in such a way that will leave them feeling good about themselves, others, and life in general.

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